Welcome to the Baha'i Firesides Online. My name is Val Deloro, the producer and narrator of the lessons presented through this website.

In 1988, while attending the national Rainbow Gathering in Angelina County, Texas. I came across the teaching camp of Dr. Leland Jensen, a third generation Baha'i. He was accompanied by a small group of his students. Excited about the life-changing message they presented, I soon found myself going through the entire Baha'i fireside curriculum. Convinced of its divine origin, I began identifying myself as a Baha'i student of Dr. Jensen.

Twenty-two years later, I've decided to produce my own series of fireside lessons through my small home recording setup. While these lessons are not identical to those presented by Dr. Jensen, I believe they retain the core elements, while also emphasizing additional information that I feel is important to convey. The Faith has continued to evolve since the passing of Dr. Jensen in 1996, and new information has come to light that needs to be included. This is my own up-to-date, personalized version of the basic fireside curriculum established by Dr. Jensen. All Baha'is are given the commission to teach the Faith. This is one of my efforts to do so.

I strongly suggest that you listen in sequence. Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson. Also, as you listen to each segment, I suggest you read along with the corresponding transcript. There are times, particularly when scriptural passages are quoted, when reading along will prove to be very helpful.

I am not a professional voiceover actor or sound engineer, so please forgive the lack of polish. I've done my best to present the lessons clearly, but questions will undoubtedly arise. I suggest contacting me if you would like to discuss any of the information presented. If I have the time, I would be more than glad to make myself available to address questions. Or I may suggest one of my friends who could also help.

It is my hope that these lessons serve as a conduit through which the Spirit of Truth may call your heart to angelic service.

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Thanks for reading